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Company Profile

Founded in 1964, Khind Electrical (Hong Kong) Ltd. (known as Khind) is a total energy solution provider. Now, headquartered in Malaysia and was listed on the KLSE on 12August 1998, Khind has over 40 years of experiences in providing power solutions. We offer comprehensive total solutions in renewable energy and specialized in providing solutions to different countries in the world. We also have professional services which provide consulting and implementation for enterprises to achieve energy savings.

Khind has branches in different countries to provide local sales and technical support. Our projects have covered Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, serving various sectors such as government, universities, bank, power companies etc. We provide one-stop solution to those organizations from system design to installation and they benefited from our cost saving solutions.

With more than 700 staff and various offices in different parts of the world, we are committed to provide quality services and best support to our clients. We operate under ISO 9000-certified Quality Management system. To fulfill our equally strong commitment to the safety and well-being of our staff and the community, we adhere to a corporate safety policy with strict procedures for maintaining safety at all work sites.

Our Mission

Quality Mission --- Delight customers at all times
Service Mission --- Make service excellence our way of life
Branding Mission --- Create positive brand awareness for Khind
People Development Mission --- Maximize our people Potential to deliver result
Customer Relationship Mission --- Build a rewarding and lasting partnership